Project CIVITAS MUSE Kicks-off in Brussels

Project CIVITAS MUSE Kicks-off in Brussels

05/16/2023 - 14:37

CIVITAS MUSE is the new Coordination and Support Action of the CIVITAS Initiative. BUas is part of the consortium alongside seven other partner organisations from across Europe. The official kick-off was held on 4-5 May 2023 in Brussels.
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BUas was one of the project partners of the former project of the CIVITAS Initiative – CIVITAS ELEVATE which ran from 2019-2023. In ELEVATE, BUas has contributed to a number of initiatives, such as the initiation and development of the CIVITAS Educational Network and Mobility Powered by the Youth Conferences. In MUSE, the role of BUAS will be focused on the further development of the CIVITAS Educational Network and the facilitation of various youth activities. 

The kick-off meeting of CIVITAS MUSE in Brussels on 4-5 May marked the start of the new partnership where during a two-day intensive session, the partners discussed the organisation of the specific strategies and plans, as well as the efficient transfer of the assigned tasks from CIVITAS ELEVATE to CIVITAS MUSE. In addition to representatives from the eight collaborating partners, the meeting was also attended by representatives from BUas Dr. Nina Nesterova (Co-chair CIVITAS Educational Network), Don Guikink (Manager Research and Business Innovation - ABEL) and Ekaterina Uzunova (Project Lead MUSE). 

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Contact person:
Ekaterina Uzunova
Project Lead MUSE – BUas