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Built Environment
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    Return Ticket to the Campus

    We regularly see alumni returning to the campus, but seldom does it happen behind the wheel of a city bus. Roy Labruijère, a graduate in Mobility, did...

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  • You must surely be a bit crazy

    You must surely be a bit crazy

    Mark van Eijk takes the ‘Discover Your World’ of BUas quite literally. After 16 years of teaching, he will now ride to Japan on his motorbike.

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  • From 'jungle gym' to logistics

    From 'jungle gym' to logistics

    ‘I didn’t see myself jump over the buck in a gym until I retire...’ I am talking to Leo Kemps, director of Logistics Community Brabant (LCB) for just...

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  • Story of Urban Intelligence

    Story of Urban Intelligence

    Urban regions are facing challenges in terms of accessibility and sustainability which is resulting in a decrease in the overall quality of life.

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