Symposium International Urban Redevelopment

Symposium International Urban Redevelopment

11/15/2022 - 13:04

Expert teams on car dependency, placemaking, social cohesion and urban design present their knowledge for retrofitting North American cities.
Built Environment
  • Kennis

During the first seven weeks of the minor International Urban Redevelopment, students have been developing expert knowledge on car dependency, placemaking, social cohesion and urban design. They dived into the literature and used best practices to gain a better understanding of these topics and their role in developing accessible, sustainable and liveable cities. They will use this knowledge to develop innovative and provocative plans for retrofitting two North American Cities: Seattle (USA) and Calgary (CA). During the symposium they shared their current knowledge and ideas.

The symposium started in the morning with plenary presentations, after the lunch followed by poster presentations. In addition to sharing knowledge, the symposium was intended for mutual inspiration and understanding because interdisciplinary collaboration is key for successful urban retrofitting.

This project is sponsored by the city of Seattle and Thin Air Labs (Calgary).