Story of Urban Intelligence

Story of Urban Intelligence

07/20/2022 - 10:19

Urban regions are facing challenges in terms of accessibility and sustainability which is resulting in a decrease in the overall quality of life.

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Governments are aiming for more sustainable and healthy travel choices, and are increasingly emphasizing the importance of multimodal transportation approaches which fully exploit the strengths of each mode of transportation. Much is also expected from land use policies which aim to influence travel behaviour. These policies include concepts such as urban densification and transit-oriented development but also the creation of attractive environments to enhance the experience and comfort of travellers.

Our expertise ‘Urban Intelligence’ aims to enhance policy making in these areas by developing research innovations and providing knowledge which is directly applicable in practice. Research innovations such as GPS tracking and Virtual Reality offer possibilities of providing greater insight into transportation behaviour and the experience of travellers than ever before. They offer new opportunities, in which a good connection to current policy making is essential for using them to the optimum. In this, opportunities primarily lie in the tactical level of policy implementation. Considerable benefits can be gained in linking policy ambitions with the actual implementation of projects. The challenge is to attune the different transport networks and land use on a regional level with each other in such a way that they meet the mobility needs of travellers in the best possible way.

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