Innovative urban mobility solutions showcased in Bucharest

Innovative urban mobility solutions showcased in Bucharest

07/18/2022 - 09:00

Innovative urban mobility solutions inspired stakeholders from academia, public authorities, NGOs and industry at the Urban Mobility Incubation Workshop in Bucharest on 28th June 2022.
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The Urban Mobility Incubation Workshop in Bucharest (Romania), organized by CIVITAS ELEVATE (one of the projects BUas participates in), CIVINET Romania, EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Romania, showcased innovative mobility solutions that can help shape the future mobility implementation. Furthermore, an analysis of the costs and benefits of the sustainable urban mobility transition, public-private partnership examples and the CIVITAS approach were presented. In this way, Buas (specifically, the Academy of Built Environment and Logistics) also contributed to an uptake in innovative mobility solutions in Romania.  

These presented solutions entailed diverse mobility aspects in cities. Special attention was paid to smart traffic management and social route design solutions as well as solutions for ensuring traffic safety and prioritising sustainable development. Real-time mobility data of shared vehicles, fleets and trips enable stakeholders in the MAAS business to improve their daily operations and strategic decisions. The provider of this mobility solution emphasized that stakeholders such as cities, public transort operators, car manufacturers, OEMs and shared-mobility operators need to make data-driven decisions and increasingly rely on data regarding shared mobility services.
A start-up showed with urban mobility hubs for sustainable cities how urban space can be used in an efficient way by saving parking places and instead combining micro mobility, shared mobility, charging infrastructure and logistics – all in one place. This concept offers a new approach of designing urban space.

Electric vehicles (EV) and their infrastructure are increasing in European cities. A new intelligent and agnostic SaaS platform makes electric vehicle charging easy. This presented tool links mobility and energy and offers an EV charging ecosystem which is capable of providing services to all players in the electric mobility ecosystem.

The event, which entailed an introductory session about the incubator concept, a CIVITAS online session and an EIT Mobility Solutions Showroom (Urban Mobility Incubation) presenting opportunities to prepare for change and initiate public-private partnerships, aimed to prepare stakeholders and mobility service providers to develop successful interventions that are affordable, feasible, legally possible and self-sustaining in the long term. Thus, European cooperation models in the mobility sector were presented and the main challenges and opportunities to overcome them were discussed. The workshop gathered about 40 participants, representatives of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration, Regional Development Agencies, Metropolitan Areas, Polytechnic University of Bucharest (one of the members of the CIVITAS Educational Network led by BUas), companies from industry, mobility, energy and more. Among the participants was Mr. Bogdan Cătălin Ghelbere, Deputy Secretary-General of the Romanian Government, who emphasized the importance of innovation initiatives in urban mobility to ensure efficient, smart and sustainable mobility.

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