Living in Cities LAB

Living in Cities LAB

07/11/2022 - 09:04

The Living in Cities LAB is a first year practical LAB where the students work with a case study set in Bellville, Western cape, South Africa.
Built Environment
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The LAB aims for a collaborative, creative and interactive approach where students work directly with a project sponsor from the field and it challenges to propose new and radical proposals for urban improvements in a highly challenging urban context such as South Africa.

LAB Living in Cities explores the role of urban design, urban planning, and mobility in processes of urban transformation. Our cities face urgencies that are shared and unique to their geographic location and socio-economic context. As Built Environment (BE) professionals it is our task to anticipate and address these urgencies whilst accounting for the specificities of people and place.

We investigate cities in transition, here understood as the shift from an existing urban condition to a desired or envisioned future. We have identified four (broad) drivers of transition:

  1. Population and Migration
  2. Climate and Sustainability
  3. Inequality and Economy
  4. Culture and Society

In the LAB the students have identified, analysed, and responded to these drivers utilising the core knowledge and skillset of their chosen specialisation.

Some examples of student work (2022): 

  • BellVille
  • Nuwe Mylpaal
  • In Belltween